Commemorating Black History Month, author Bòláji Ajayi starts a book tour with AKITI THE HUNTER

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Commemorating Black History Month author Bòláji Ajayi starts a book tour with AKITI THE HUNTER


San Francisco based author kicks off her book tour bringing children a new connection to their heritage in celebration of diversity.


New York, New York (January 30, 2015)—With the national celebration of Black History Month upon us, author of AKITI THE HUNTER (, Bòláji Ajayi will be starting her tour of book signings and readings in the Bay Area. The innovative book adapted from a West African folktale chronicles the heroic battle of an action figure like warrior who conquers a great foe. Ajayi will be hosting book readings at four Barnes and Nobles locations around the Bay Area, introducing children to a super hero unlike any they’ve ever seen. The tour will kick off Sunday, February 8th, 2015 in Silicon Valley and continue through Black History Month.

“In 2015 we will pay respects to our forefathers who have paved the way for our generation to embrace freedom and in doing so, it is our responsibility to empower our young brothers and sisters to see a world that has no limits,” stated AuthorBòláji Ajayi. Such is the story of AKITI THE HUNTER. An immortal being derived from folklores that dates back to the 18th century in African History.

Children from the United States to Africa are thrilled at the thought of having a hero they can finally identify with.

This is the 1st of 5 series, and this book is already in talks with major networks for a conversion into an animated series. Ajayi is determined to make the NY Times Best Sellers list, and her ultimate dream, is to see children from a diverse background standing in line to add to their bookshelves stories of AKITI THE HUNTER.

Book Message Excerpt: "The Moral of the story is, always believe in yourself, no matter how great and big you opponents may be. The only strength you need is the strength of your mind. And the best way to exercise your mind is by reading. Read as much as you can, whenever you can, and never stop reading and training your mind. Even if you think you know everything, keep reading."

Ajayi believes her mission cannot be achieved alone, “Parents from various cultural groups have to create precedence for learning, and if the stewardship was not there before, AKITI THE HUNTER is a sure way to build the excitement for their children to be eager to read and learn so much more”.

Celebrate you Black History Month, by introducing your son or daughter, or niece or nephew and grandchildren to the tales of AKITI THE HUNTER. And sit back and watch their world transform right before their eyes, because now they have a hero and he looks just like them.

The book readings are scheduled for:

Barnes & Noble Corte Madera, CA

February 28th @ 10:00AM

Barnes & Noble Stevens Creek, CA

February 8th @ 1:00PM

Barnes & Noble Dublin, CA

February 28th @1:00PM

Barnes & Noble Emeryville, CA

February 28th @ 3:00PM

Book Signing& Church Presentation

8:00AM and 11:00AM Service

Narthex Family Community Center

Allen Temple Baptist Church

8501 International Boulevard

Oakland, CA 94621

For more information on AKITI THE HUNTER and Denise MoBòláji Ajayi-Williams please by e-mail [email protected] or call (877)841-7244.

About the Author:

As a mother and founder of Working Moms in 20s Organizations, Denise MoBòláji Ajayi-Williams is the author behind "Akiti the Hunter." With hopes of a positive impression, Ajayi-Williams believe everyone should view themselves as heroic no matter their place of origin. The goal is to bring an authentic African hero into American pop culture. Having this kind of positive African image in mainstream culture is long overdue. While cultivating so many projects, she strives to strike a solid work-life balance. She is a business owner, employee, wife, graduate MBA student, author, and writer who values and understands the importance of family. She believes in the empowerment of not only her child, but of children in her community and beyond. Her organization's mission is to rewrite history one page at a time, and this time become the authors of our own legacies. Ajayi-Williams open a new channel to influence viewers from around the world. For more information on Denise MoBòláji Ajayi-Williams, visit her organization website at . AKITI THE HUNTER ISBN Number is ISBN-13: 9781909302884.


Denise Mobolaji Ajayi Williams 
Founder & Creative Director, Workingmomin20s 

Denise Mobolaji Ajayi Williams
Founder & Creative Director, Workingmomin20s




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