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We, the concerned citizens of Grand Gedeh County residing in the United States, submitted today a petition to the President of Liberia, His Excellency Joseph Nyumah Boakai, asking him to reconsider his nomination of Mr. Alex Chersia Grant as Superintendent of Grand Gedeh County. Mr. Grant’s eventual appointment will gravely and negatively impact the peace of the County with the potential of the County being embroiled in prolonged protests and civil disobedience, based on his long history of an acrimonious relationship with many citizens and sections of the County; that potential is being manifested today in Monrovia and Zwedru. To demonstrate that our decision is free from sentiments and prejudice against the Nominee, we provided the President documentary evidence to support our concern and request. As seen below, the evidence is all public record which requires no extensive research to discover.

  1. The Nominee brought the County to disrepute when it was discovered that he forged his academic credentials for which he was expelled from the University of Liberia and the Cuttington University College; see FrontPageAfrica May 13, 2021 edition (Liberia: Nigeria’s Ibandan University Denies Rep. Alex Grant’s Claim that He Obtained Undergraduate Degree from There – FrontPageAfrica (
  2. In February 2018, the Nominee was accused of attempted murder by his Chief of Office Staff, Aaron Togba, a young Grand Gedean, who alleged that his boss wanted him dead because he had sensitive information about him that he was afraid he would make public. The young man was brutalized by individuals he alleged were hired by the Nominee; see FrontPageAfrica February 2, 2018 edition (Liberian Police Investigates Lawmaker For Attempted Murder – FrontPageAfrica (
  3. When the late Representative Erol Madison Gwion’s vehicle was attacked in July 2022, the Nominee was one of the two persons he accused of masterminding the violence; see FrontpageAfrica July 27, 2022 edition (Liberia: Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus Member Attacked after Announcing Boycott of ’26 Celebration – FrontPageAfrica (
  4. When Grand Gedeh County’s Election Magistrate, Alfred Dunner, went missing in May 2022, the Nominee was one of three persons accused of being complicit in his disappearance; see The Independent Probe Newspaper May 9, 2022 edition (Tribal War Imminent in Grand Gedeh Co. If! As Several Sustained Bullet Wounds in Ethnic Clashes – Independent Probe Newspaper). The case remains unsolved. The Nominee’s contribution to addressing the mysterious disappearance was to say that Mr. Dunner was taken by a spirit.

In addition to the above:

  1. The Nominee’s leadership of the County’s Legislative Caucus, when he was in the Legislature, was characterized by confusion and disunity which negatively impacted the County’s development agenda and the harmony of the citizens. Those challenges prevented the successful holding of the County’s annual development meetings, which are presided over by the Legislative Caucus under the leadership of the caucus chairman and during which development funds are allocated and reports are made on the utilization of the County Development Funds. The few sittings that were held either ended inconclusively or in confusion.
  2. The Nominee has been repeatedly accused of instigating violence in the County.
  3. The Nominee has been accused of facilitating the encroachment on the County’s land by Burkinabes, an issue fanning an unabated tension in the country.

We noted in our petition that much of the discontent against Mr. Grant, particularly that which relates to violence, is fueled by allegations; he has never been convicted in any court of law. But we also noted a tried-and-true maxim about leadership which is that good and effective leadership has very little to do with legality and all to do with moral authority and goodwill. One cannot lead a people whose goodwill one does not have and who overwhelmingly believe the one who is to lead them does not have the moral authority to lead. This is where the people of Grand Gedeh County are with the Nominee. He simply does not have the goodwill of the majority of people of the County and his track record leads us to conclude that he does not have the moral authority to lead. The ongoing protests in the County and Monrovia are organic and represent the sentiments of the majority of the people of the County.

We let the President know that we stand in solidarity with our fellow Grand Gedeans at home and join them to respectfully request the President to reconsider the nomination of Mr. Grant. We are convinced that eventually appointing him will present a threat to Grand Gedeh County’s peace and harmony.

Meanwhile, we are calling on all Grand Gedeans at home and here in the Diaspora to remain peaceful in all their actions; resist all provocations, laser focus on our petition, and remain resolute. Grand Gedeh County cannot afford another six years of doldrum.


A close-up of a signature Description automatically generated Authorized signer

Kai-Matthew Whyee

Former President, Pennsylvania Chapter, Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA)

6507 Old Marshall Road

Upper Darby, PA 19082


[email protected]

The names of the Concerned Grand Gedeans submitting this petition are attached.

  1. I. Bull Yonly, former Board Chairman, former National Vice President, GGAA
  2. Mwalimu Steve Boley, former Board Chairman, Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA)
  3. Emmanuel Cooper, former National President, former Board Chairman, GGAA
  4. Edmund Zar-zar-Bargblor, former Board Chairman, GGAA
  5. Isaac Vowal, former Board Chairman, GGAA
  6. Dee Wilson Barlee, former Co-chairman, GGAA
  7. Fred Gwyan, former National President, GGAA
  8. Henry K. Glay, former National President, GGAA
  9. David Gbotoe, former National President, GGAA
  10. William G. Nyanue, former National President, GGAA
  11. Isaac Carr, former National Vice President, GGAA
  12. Annie Wilson-Zaza, former President New York Chapter, GGAA
  13. Deacon Amos L. Zanwonjah, former President, DC Metro Chapter, GGAA
  14. Gbote Tahyor, former President Iowa, Chapter, GGAA
  15. Sophia R. Nyanue, former Chair, Education and Training Committee, GGAA
  16. Sharon Browne, former Chair, Ways and Means Committee, GGAA
  17. J. Benedict Wreh, Member
  18. J. Michael Wreh, Former Chairman, National Election Commission,
  19. Jerry Gbardy, Member
  20. Samson Toe, Member
  21. Evangeline Mamie Tarr, Member
  22. Gbarwho W. Flahn, Member
  23. James Kaye, Member
  24. Arthur K. Watson, former President, Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA)


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