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By Concerned Citizens of Grand Gedians in the Diaspora

March 12, 2024


According to the Farlex Dictionary of idioms, a conspiracy of silence is “an agreement, either explicit or unspoken, among members of a group to keep secret certain information that, if exposed, could be damaging to the group, its interests or its associates”.

Former Senator of Grand Gedeh County, J. Alphonso Gaye, proffered a motion, for the Liberian Senate’s recommendation, that President George Manneh Weah to immediately mandate the joint security, led by the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), to move in Grand Gedeh County to curtail the threat of illegal migrants occupying forest lands in that region of the country, September 10, 2020 (

Also, it is reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Embassy of Burkina Faso have agreed on what is believed to be an amicable solution to the alleged illegal occupation of Burkinabe nationals mostly in the forest region of Grand Gedeh County.

Reportedly, a decision was reached when Internal Affairs Minister Honorable Varney A. Sirleaf and Mr. Mahamadou Zongo, Ambassador of Burkina Faso accredited to Liberia resident in Cote D’Ivoire met Monday, April 25, 2022 at the Capitol Hill Office of Minister Sirleaf. During the meeting, Minister Sirleaf highlighted the issue of the illegal settlement of Burkinabe in the forest areas which according to him has created deep security concerns (

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Minister Sirleaf-right, Ambassador Zongo-left (Photo Credit: Courtesy of MIA)


The Mossi in Grand Gedeh County, who are they in West Africa?

The Mossi (or Mole, Mosse, sing. Moaaga) are a “ West African ethnic group native to modern Burkina Faso, primarily the Volta River basin. The Mossi are the largest ethnic group in Burkina Faso, constituting more than 40% of the population, or about 6.2 million people. The other 60% of Burkina Faso’s population is composed of more than 60 ethnic groups, mainlythe GurunsiSenufoLobiBobo and Fulani.  The Mossi speak the Mòoré language” (Wikipedia).

The Mossi people are about 1.2 million in the Ivory Coast and 160, 140 in Ghana. And interestingly, this tribe is gradually invading the interior areas of the Southeastern region in Liberia, especially in Grand Gedeh County, where I would like to encourage our chiefs in Grand Gedeh County to safeguard our belief system. The Mossi people account about 65% Islam in West Africa (Wikipedia).

Reports have reached here in the diaspora that, the Mossi of Burkina Faso, continue to cross borders over from the Ivory Coast, setting up camps in Nimba County, especially within the Kparblee District. Interestingly, under the disguise as farm –workers and seeking as contractors, in exchange of their services to gain land to build their homes. It has also been alleged that, the Mossi from Ivory Coast continues to buy land in Grand Gedeh, in the B’hi Administrative Gbarzoon District. There are allegations that some chiefs within the Gbazoon area, are selling lands to foreigners.  These allegations have prompted citizens to call upon the elders and the Chief in Toe Town, to end the sale of   lands to the Burkinabe.

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Arbinda Burkina Faso, Courtesy of VOA News)

While the threat of homegrown radicalization is believed to be small, there have been documented incidents of terrorist recruitment within Burkina Faso. Augustin Loada and Peter Romaniuk, writing for Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2014, have done extensive research into the threat of radicalization from within Burkina Faso and concluded that although there are cases of recruitment within Burkina Faso, there is “no firm evidence of radicalization within the country.” Loada and Romaniuk have heard of extremist foreign preachers sometimes visiting Burkina Faso. Nonetheless, the researchers concluded in 2014 that the threat of homegrown radicalization from within Burkina Faso was small. (Sources: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DenmarkNewsweek)

Even Boko Haram, a Nigerian-based terrorist group, is believed to have had some activity within Burkina Faso. According to the 2014 report by researchers Augustin Loada and Peter Romaniuk, there is evidence of fundraising and weapons smuggling within Burkina Faso. (Source: ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark).

A group of men in military uniforms holding guns

Description automatically generated

Members of armed Islamist group present in Burkina Faso in 2018. Image released on March 22, 2019. (Courtesy of Defense Post).

“Armed Islamist groups in Burkina Faso have attacked civilians with unmitigated cruelty and utter disregard for human life,” said Corinne Dufka, West Africa director at Human Rights Watch.


As Grand Gedians we are aware that there have been forces on the ground in Liberia, endeavoring to undermine the integrity of the people of Grand Gedeh County. The appointment of unqualified individuals as Superintendents, since the end of the civil war is not new to us.

On July 26, 1964 , when Grand Gedeh County was declared County, it comprised of 5 districts  namely: Tchien, Konobo ,Webbo, Gbaepo and Gbarzon Districts. During Taylor’s regime, he attempted to vehemently diminish the Krahn influence, by creating Webbo and Gbaepo Districts to secede from Grand Gedeh County by creating River Gee County. Similar initiatives were attempted by Putu chiefdom and Sarpo ethnic group in Sinoe, in order to form a Grandfather Sarpo County. Subsequently, another attempt was designed to combine Gbarzon District in Grand Gedeh County and Kbarblee District of Nimba County to form another new county. But, these attempts failed.

The current strategy is the importation of so-called Mossi farmers into Grand Gedeh County. As of today’s date, the presence of Burkinabe in the Grand Gedeh forests is the same policy of undermining the people of Grand Gedeh County. The appointment of Mr. Alex Grant as new Superintendent, an alleged agent of Mossi , is using the same strategy to destabilize the socia-economic emancipation of the people of Grand Gedeh Couty. The question is, why, is this evil continue to perpetuate against the people of Grand Gedeh?

An open letter, addressed to the former President, His Excellency George M. Weah, on June 26, 2023, by former Ret. Major, AFL, in wish he requested that “There should be an immediate removal of the presence of the Mossi Ethnic groups, from the forests of Grand Gedeh County and other southeastern regions in Liberia, immediately.  There is a need for them to return to their homeland and if they failed with their collaborators, we are fearful, there will be serious consequences in the future, that might interrupt the peaceful co-existence in the Southeastern counties and perhaps the entire of Liberian Nation” ( ). Sadly, the Weah’s administration has paid deaf ear to the content of said letter.

The appointment of Mr. Alex Grant as Superintendent is dangerous to the survival of the people of Grand Gedeh County. His association with the Mossi in Grand Dedeh County is dangerous to the goals and aspirations of the people of Grand Gedeh County.

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One of the Burkinabes cutting trees in the forests of Grand Gedeh


Sadly, those citizens of Grand Gedeh and Nimba Counties, selling their lands to the Mossi in exchange of cultivating farmlands, are playing a dangerous game.  Presently, it is alleged, that most of the Krahn lands in the Ivory Coast, are now in the hands of the Mossi people, especially those along the Ivorian and Liberian boarders (Cavalla River, in Grand Gedeh County). Grand Gedians historically, have been good farmers and hunters, prior to 1980. It is disappointing for any Grand Gedian person to solicit foreigners to cultivate their farmlands in Grand Gedeh.

Thus, in view of our concerns and apprehensions , Concerns of the Citizens of Grand Gedians in the Diaspora , we call upon the Government of Liberia to have these Mossi people in Grand Gedeh return to their homeland as soon as possible. In our view, if they and their collaborators failed to leave the land of Grand Gedeh , we are fearful, there will be serious consequences in the future that might interrupt the peaceful co-existence in the Southeastern counties . While we respect and uphold the ECOWAS’ Protocol on free movement of ECOWAS citizens within the region, however, it is important to note that such free movements do not include the grabbing of the lands of Grand Gedeh County.

Signed: Mr. Edmund Zar-Zar Bargblor, Former National Chairman, Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas & Also, Mr. Isaac Bull Yonly, Former National Chairman, Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas



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