Beware of Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Corrupt elite Seeking Protection

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Beware of Wolf in Sheep's  Clothing: Corrupt elite Seeking Protection

By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

October 31, 2017


In 2011, I served as Coordinator of the Supporters of the Coalition of Liberian Opposition Parties in the Diaspora (S-CLOPD). This group served as the rapid response team to counter personal, negative and media attack directed at Ambassador George Manneh Weah, Cllr. Winston A. Tubman and the CDC.

On November 18, 2011, I wrote an article titled: “Good Players Don’t Fight Over Jersey.” In Ambassador Weah’s defense, I wrote:

They said that Weah "Na No’ book!" My question to those who raised this concern was; what were the contributions these so-called BIG, BIG BOOK PEOPLE made to the Liberian people, yesterday and lately? And who among them can boast of being the number 1 person in his/her chosen profession in Liberia, Africa, and the WORLD? None! Yet, many of them have the audacity to BIG-MOUTHED, the ONLY LIVING PERSON TO HOLD THE DISTINCTION of AMBASSADOR GEORGE MANNEH WEAH EARNED: AFRICAN FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR, EUROPEAN FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR, and FIFA FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR.


And while the WORLD was recognizing GEORGE MANNEH WEAH’S GOOD DEED, made him GOODWILL AMBASSADOR, Liberians who benefitted from his good deeds were “crabbing” (pulling) him down; when all AMBASSADOR WEAH  and the CDC want to offer is the same COMPASSION HE EXHIBITED during the CIVIL CRISIS. This was the Child that is truly great and not President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as she claimed.



President Sirleaf

Beware of Wolf in Sheep Clothing 

This brings me to the main purpose of this article: “Beware of Wolf in Sheep clothing: Corrupt elite Seeking Protection”. Figuratively, beware of wolf in sheep clothing is about one who disguises his/her ruthless nature through an outward show of innocence. Jesus taught his followers to “beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)


Also, beware of wolf in sheep clothing is warning to the Liberian people about these Liberian politicians who FLIPPED THE SCRIPTS from Country and Congor to throw their supports behind Ambassador Weah and the CDC. They are doing so for NO OTHER REASON than to seek protection like their Master Planner President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has ordered. Some of these individuals are economic vampires and war criminals that are responsible for the atrocities committed in the Liberian 14 years civil wars.  These benefactors of the economic spoils are not bothered about Weah Na No Book’ anymore; once they are positioned as the ‘corrupt elite’ in charge of the country’s economy and natural resources in order to accumulate the wealth for themselves at the detriment of the majority of the Liberian people. They mean no good to the Liberian people!


Hiding Behind the ‘Ganta Declaration’ 

Hiding behind the so-called Ganta Declaration is a bald-faced excuse. I invite you to wear your thinking caps for a moment and to put the Liberia people FIRST. Ask yourself the question, who was the Ganta Declaration directed at? Wasn’t it Sirleaf, her family and her corrupt administration it was directed at? Now how come the person it was against, joined the opposition and you see nothing WRONG with the picture? Is it due to the fact that she bribed the opposition with the LIBERIAN PEOPLE’S MONEY to buy you on board to execute her master plans? All of you have been doped; what she could not do to Charlie, she is doing to you guys with ease.


My question to you is how come the opposition is not going after ELLEN – the target for which the ‘Ganta Declaration’ was intended? Can’t you see her shopping for parties is for no other reason than to protect herself, favorable son Robert, the rest of her family and blind loyalists? Believe me; Ellen has never been about the Liberian people.

Ellen’s behavior reminds me of the story of a thief (rogue) who stole goods from an individual, only for him to present the same goods to the victim as a gift. However, the last time I check, the law book says that a person caught in possession of stolen goods is as guilty as the person who stole it.


Ellen and opposition leaders who are JUMPING SHIP are DOING SO for the protection of themselves, their families and relatives. The Liberian voters should not fool themselves, Ellen, the master planner, to whom many Liberians refer to as JEZEBEL has been working overtime using the Liberian people’s resources to carve out deals with most of the presidential candidates, except the Unity Party’s candidate, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

Several people have said Ellen is not known to honor her words. A classic example is:

“Our nation cannot afford to evade justice and protection of human rights throughout… myths, mysteries, and the individualized arrogation of truth will serve no useful purpose; rather, it will reinforce divisions, suspicions, and smoldering anger.” (J. Yanqui Zaza, The Perspective’s March 16, 2006, Edition titled: “Tolbert and Doe, Different Assassin, But Same Architect”).


This brings us to the point made in the Bible about the Architect-in-Chief of EVIL, JEZEBEL.

The Bible list Jezebel as the wicked woman in history. Her life was marked by evil through both of her own acts and deeds she encouraged her husband to commit. 
Jezebel was the daughter of King Ethbaal of Sidon (1 Kings 16:31), and she married King Ahab of Israel, probably to seal a political alliance between the marriage to Jezebel only compounded his sins.

Jezebel began to kill off the Lord’s prophets, but Ahab’s servant Obadiah secretly hid one hundred of them in a cave to save them. She personally supported hundreds of priests of Baal and Asherah (1 Kings 18:19), so when Elijah had them killed at the foot of Mount Carmel, Jezebel tried to kill him, too (1 Kings 19:1-2). She also arranged for a man named Naboth to be killed so that Ahab could seize his vineyard for himself (1 Kings 21).

Jezebel’s wickedness did not go on noticed by the Lord; however, Elijah prophesized that one day her body would become like refuse and be eaten by dogs by the wall of the city of Jezreel. This prophecy eventually came true at the hand of a usurper named Jehu (2 Kings 9). 


Have the opposition parties thought of the reason President Sirleaf switched her support from the Unity Party to the CDC? This woman is a master at her game – MANIPULATION, using gullible people to promote her hidden agenda. The opposition was campaigning against the Unity Party, she then switched, joined on the side of the opposition, and without reservation, she is accepted. How stupid can you guys be? There is something about Vice President Boakai that she cannot figure out; and for sake of her survival, she wants to be on the winning side. Moreover, Ellen outfoxed all of you guys by placing her loyalist amongst you to implement her sinister agenda. 


Weah As A Pawn 

According to reliable sources, in Ellen’s universe, Vice President Boakai lacks the trust factor needed to be counted among her Image result for liberia election rejectedloyalists. She feels Weah can be easily made-over to fit in her universe. Through him as her pawn, she is able to achieve her ultimate desire to remain in control while in retirement. Those that are familiar with her Method of Operation say, she has the reputation of using people and then dumped them when they are no use to her.





Due to the gruesome death of my godfather’s (Harry A. Greaves, Sr.) son, I wrote an article on August 22, 2016. It was titled: There is Something ‘Fishy’ About the Conclusions Of Greaves et al Gruesome Murders. In the article, I quoted a Yoruba proverb that says, “If a person has made up his mind not to see the truth, nothing can wake him to it.” I said then the perpetrators of Harry’s death should remember that nothing stays hidden under the sun. Eventually, what is done in the dark will surely come to light. To put it bluntly, chickens normally come home to roost’; and bad deeds done in the past will never go unpunished; they will someday haunt the perpetrators. 

This revelation is about to be uncovered! Just check out the article published in the Globe Afrique of October 27, 2017. It was written by Margaret Bracewell, a close friend and associate of the late Harry A. Greaves, Jr. It is titled:  “How The Stupidity Of A Nation Emboldens A Single Woman Into Being Malicious”.


The paragraph below reads:

Image result for liberia election rejectedShe is accused of having knowledge into the poisonous murder of the late political critic and veteran journalist Tom Kamara.  It is believed that she has full knowledge about the murder of her one-time confidant Harry Greaves, a man whom she worked so closely with for years but was quick to destroy in seconds.

She has destroyed Gyude Bryant leading him to his graves.  She engineered the visa denial of Tarty Teh such that he could not obtain medical attention in the USA where he had lived for decades.  She dethroned the likes of Edwin Snowe and Alex Tyler from the speakership of the Liberian legislature.  She chased out Chris Neyor and Jerome Verdier as well as reduced Richard Tolbert’s prominence in Liberia.  She used Charles Taylor and dumped him into lifetime prison.  She led General Thomas Quiwonkpa to an early death.


I DO NOT WANT WEAH to end up as my godfather’s son Harry. Even one of Ellen’s own best friend, the late Leslie Abayomi Norman Cole said that back in the days, “…Ellen was the butt kicker who we truly believed would take no prisoners and will deal with anyone stealing money as many of us have seen all through our lives. Little did we know that this new group would have perfected the art”. 

I am not surprised at what she’s capable of doing to get what she wants. 


Let me make it very clear, I am not against Manneh Weah become the President of Liberia, rather I am afraid for his life because the gang Ellen brought on board the CDC have many hidden agendas. Weah will become their political pawn for her Corrupt elite to continue to misuse the Liberian people’s wealth and resources for the benefits of she and herImage result for liberia election rejected relatives. This master scheme is what Weah’s advisors are not recognizing; instead, they are only concern of Weah becoming the president – at all cause.


I honestly believe, Senator George Manneh Weah is a good and passionate person; and because of his love and concern for his people, the WORLD recognized his GOOD DEEDS as the result, he was made GOODWILL AMBASSADOR; yet some of those Liberians who benefitted from his good deeds badmouthed him in 2011; and now they are among those who want to use him to achieve their EVIL desire. My advice to Weah and the CDC is to ‘Beware of Wolf in Sheep Clothing’.


Finally, for the sake of Peace and Reconciliation, I leave you with the poem, Liberia


The Beautiful:

In search of freedom and liberty
The Settlers returned 
United with their brethren
At Cape Montserrado
This glorious reunion
Gave birth to Liberia
The land of diverse people
Like its natural resources
So when we think of home
We think of Liberia
The beautiful.

Oh home, sweet home
Of thee we sing these praises!
To the land both old and young
But yet indivisible
Where the love of liberty
Will unite all of our people
For in complete unity
Our progress is assured
For our land of beauty
And pride for which we long
Long live Liberia, the beautiful
Forever and ever!

In spite of the many problems
That has hurt our national pride
We have finally resolved
Never again to fight one another
Also, agreed to live together
Under the Lone Star forever
United in purpose
To protect the land
That is God given
So when we talk about home
We talk about Liberia
The beautiful.

Oh home, sweet home
Of thee we sing these praises!
To the land both old and young
But yet indivisible
Where the love of liberty
Will unite all of our people
For in complete unity
Our progress is assured
For our land of beauty
And pride for which we long
Long live Liberia, the beautiful
Forever and ever!

Oh God Almighty
Please forgive us
For our many misgivings
And restore our native land
To its intended grace and beauty
To let freedom ring
From Cape Mount, to Cape Palmas
And throughout Cape Montserrado
For the land so sacred
And dear to us
To be at peace forever
And remain a national monument
For us to love, cherish
And protect.

Oh home, sweet home
Of thee we sing these praises!
To the land both old and young
But yet indivisible
Where the love of liberty
Will unite all of our people
For in complete unity
Our progress is assured
For our land of beauty
And pride for which we long
Long live Liberia, the beautiful
Forever and ever! 

Copyright ©  Siahyonkron Nyanseor – All Rights Reserved.



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