Buhari’ Government begs Elon Musk for Respirator , attacks soyinka on his comment

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Buhari's Health Not As Bad As Yar'Adua's Case - Garba Shehu - The ...Buhari’ government through the ministry of finance took to twitter to beg Elon Musk for BiPAP machines thinking it is a respirator . One wonders why a government that recently took delivery of  400  Toyota Camry 2020 model will descend this low.

BiPAP machines are used to treat sleep apnea. In fact, this  machines will help  spread COVID-19  but the ignorant government of Nigeria does not know this. These machines will even increase the spread of infectious disease by aerosolizing the virus . Health officials in King County, Washington, warned against using CPAP machines on coronavirus patients, as did the American Society of Anesthesiologists back in February. Let someone tell Nigeria to rise up from her knees.

“Dear @Elonmusk @Tesla, Federal Government of Nigeria needs support with 100 to 500 ventilators to assist with Covid-19 cases rising every day in Nigeria.”


While on one knee begging Elon for Ventilators , Garba Shehu was running his mouth like someone suffering from mouth diarrhea  on the Nobel Laureate , Prof Wole Soyinka. Read him below

‘The esteemed Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, made comments on the legal status and description of 14-day lockdown announced by President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Soyinka is not a medical professor. His qualifications are in English literature, and his prizes are for writing books and plays for theatres. He is of course entitled to his opinions – but that is exactly all they are: semantics, not science. They cannot – and should not – therefore be judged as professional expertise in this matter in any shape or form.

“Across the world – from parts of the United States and China, to countries including the United Kingdom and France, government-mandated lockdowns are in place to slow and defeat the spread of Coronavirus.

“All have been declared and made necessary based on medical and scientific evidence. The guidance of the Nigerian Government’s medical specialists is to advise the same.

“As for the legality of the lockdown, the Government of Nigeria’s primary duty in law and action is the defence of the people of Nigeria.

“We face a global pandemic. Nigeria is now affected. The scientific and medical guidance the world over is clear: the way to defeat the virus is to halt its spread through limitation of movement of people.

“We ask the people of Nigeria to trust the words of our doctors and scientists, and not fiction writers at this time of national crisis.’’

Our take:

Shehu lacks the intellectual ability to deliver his boss’ message without behaving like an attack dog. In those places that shehu referenced above , the presidents come out daily to update and talk to the citizens . Where is your master in all this.? Your master could not even pronounce the name of the virus. He gave a pre-recorded message from his hole in Aso Rock. Shame on you.

All that the Nobel Laureate asked , was the enabling law that empowers your boss to close down the two states. The legal framework. While you were running your mouth, sanity prevailed on those who are not as delusional as you to prevail on your boss to announce the legal framework. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Lagos is not Borno state as of now . We know plans are in the offing to confer the honors in the future through the ‘ capture and release’ of the Boko Haram Boys 

If you really want to protect Nigeria, take care of your brothers in the forest. They are more potent than COVID-19. Your brothers are COVID-00 on the very existence of Nigeria .



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