The Ballot Turns: Liberians Seek a Post – Weah Era

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Liberians Unite: A Call to Action for a Weah-Free Future!

Liberia’s political landscape is undergoing a seismic shift as the people of this great nation are questioning the leadership of George Weah. The time has come for change, for a fresh approach that will steer Liberia towards a brighter and more prosperous future. Weah’s journey from football hero to political leader has been marred by missteps and broken promises, leaving the citizens disillusioned and yearning for a leader who can deliver on their aspirations. Weah, lacks the candor, handlers and the altruism to captain the ship of Liberia. Weah is very corrupt and his handlers are in a race with him at stealing the people’s money.

Liberia stands at a crossroads, where the decisions made on October 10 will shape the nation’s future for generations to come. George Weah’s tenure has been marred by stagnant economic growth, daylight stealing of people’ money, high unemployment rates, and a lack of effective governance. It is time to embrace a fresh approach, one that prioritizes the needs of the people and charts a new path towards progress and prosperity.

George Weah’s rise to power was fueled by his popularity as a football star, but his transition to politics has been far from successful. Weah’s lack of  good formal education, experience and understanding of the complexities of governance has resulted in a series of missed opportunities. It is evident that his skills on the football field do not translate into effective leadership in the political arena. As the disillusionment with George Weah’s leadership grows, the citizens of Liberia are actively seeking alternatives. The country is ripe with talented and very educated individuals who possess the skills and vision needed to lead Liberia into a brighter future. It is time to explore these alternatives and give someone else the opportunity to steer the nation towards progress and prosperity.

George Weah has made promises to the Liberian people that have gone unfulfilled. From creating jobs and reducing poverty to improving healthcare and education, Weah’s track record is marred by broken promises. The people of Liberia deserve a leader who can deliver on their aspirations and work tirelessly to uplift the nation. George Weah’s governance has been plagued by  questionable decisions. From the mishandling of the economy to the lack of transparency and accountability, Weah’s legacy is one of flawed governance. Liberia deserves a leader who can navigate the complexities of governance with integrity and competence. The people of Liberia deserve a leader who puts their needs first and works tirelessly to improve their lives. Unfortunately, George Weah’s leadership has fallen short of these expectations.

The Dark Cloud Hovering Over Weah’s Rule

Corruption has long been an issue in Liberia, and unfortunately, George Weah’s rule has not been immune to this dark cloud. Allegations of corruption and mismanagement have plagued his administration, further eroding trust in his leadership. Liberia needs a leader who can tackle corruption head-on and restore faith in the government. Weah is too corrupt to play against corruption. He captains the corrupt team. He cannot play again his own team. The people of Liberia can only disband the team through the ballot boxes. They can also empower them to loot more through same boxes. The ball is now in the court of the Liberians.


The citizens of Liberia are craving a new political vision and order, one that is grounded in the realities of the nation and the aspirations of its people. It is time for fresh perspectives, for leaders who can think outside the box and implement innovative solutions to the challenges facing Liberia. The people are ready for change, and it is up to them to demand a new political vision. Liberians have no one to blame if they re-hire the incompetent and corrupt Weah.

Some Liberians are ready to move beyond the Weah era and reignite progress in their nation. They are eager for new leadership, one that can restore stability, promote economic growth, and improve the lives of the people. The ball is in the court of the Liberian people. They have the power to shape their own destiny and demand a Weah-free future. It is time for unity, for the citizens to come together and demand the change they so desperately need. Liberia deserves better, and it is up to the people to make their voices heard. Together, let us embark on a new journey towards progress, prosperity, and a Weah-free future! Liberia is the oldest democracy in the motherland Africa. Show the rest of Africa that they can look up to you. Weah has nothing new to offer you than brandishing his new sport car to spite you. The time has come for Liberia to embark on a new chapter, one that holds the promise of a brighter future.

When George Weah assumed office, he was seen as a beacon of hope for the people of Liberia. However, his failure to inspire confidence and deliver on his promises has eroded that hope. It is time for a new leader who can reignite the spirit of optimism and lead the nation with integrity and vision. Hope in Weah is not wearing out, it is Worn out.



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