Ridadu goes home. From Ribadu of Nigeria to Ribadu of Adamawa.

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Ribadu should at least zip it if he does not know how to respond to his critics

Here were his words on August 19th

“I’m a young man and age is still on my side. I will not allow anyone to trade with me for the second time. It was wrong for Gov. Kwankwaso to describe my decision to join the PDP as a betrayal, because I consulted widely. The truth is that the APC does not have what it takes to change Nigeria, and any ambition driven by grievance, bitterness and vendetta cannot be said to possess any element of change. And it is only a matter of time and Nigerians will know who truly loves them. I think the APC would have done well without the aggrieved PDP governors. With due respect to governor Amaechi, he is simply hungry for power and does not know how to go about it, except with money. I may not know how to become the President of Nigeria, but I know it’s never for the highest bidder and it’s never up for sale. It’s an undeniable fact that President Jonathan has done well for Nigeria in such a very short time, and I think he is the answer to the prayer of many Nigerians. I must not be President, but I have vowed to support anyone who shares the same vision I have for Nigeria. And take it from me, President Jonathan has surpassed my vision for Nigeria.”


These were  his words in April 2014 :

I felt personally insulted by rumours making the rounds in this space over my alleged intention to dump my party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). There is no iota of truth in that malicious falsehood being peddled by persons who do not wish me and my great party any good.
I am a committed member of APC and I have no reason to lose confidence in the party.
For the past seven days, I have been in my state of Adamawa helping to see to the smooth conduct of ward congresses and other coming elections.
I urge all my friends here to disregard that rumour as what it is; cheap blackmail from mischievous persons.


-Nuhu Ribadu

These were his on August 18 2014, four months later.

My good friends,

I know how difficult it may be for you to come to terms with my defection to another party. But I must assure you that it's a carefully considered decision for which I do not wish to hurt anyone's feeling. I'll not embark on a needless animosity with my good friends, irrespective of political, religious, regional and ethnic affiliations.

Let me quickly make it known that I did not issue a statement disparaging APC and its members, including Governors Amaechi, Kwankwaso… These were clearly fabricated, expected backlash, by mischievous characters interested in misleading the public and drawing a picture of non-existent feuds between me and my good friends.

My defection shouldn't be seen as an initiation of political antagonism with my good friends in another party. I still hold them in high esteem, and even where there are marked differences, I believe there are decorous and honorable ways of resolving them. So, kindly disregard any statement said to be by me attacking the personality of any politician since my defection. I'll never allow myself to be drawn into such disrespectful exchange.

As for my next step in this political struggle, this would be made known in due time. For now, I wish to assure you that my defection is in pursuit of a good cause, and never out of any selfish interests as portrayed by a section. Thanks for bearing with me on this decision, and for those who have been in solidarity with my struggles and still giving me the benefits of the doubt, I'm most grateful. I'll never let you down on this new path. Thank you!

-Nuhu Ribadu

Ribadu has gone to where he rightly belongs, roll call of men without honors. He has gone home. From Ribadu of Nigeria to Ribadu of Adamawa.

Within a span of three years Ribadu has shown us that no politician is left in the terrain  of  Nigerian politics to be trusted. Their words do not mean anything. They care about their wallets. AfricanOrbit welcomes Ribadu to the honor rolls of men whose words should be taken with a grain of salt. It is obvious that whatever Ribadu   has told us in the past should be reviewed and discounted. He is not really a man of honor. He does not have his own heart and ready to jump into any ship that will make him relevant. Ribadu is going into the den of the lions without a shepherd. It is very dangerous. Who will make noise and scare the apex predator from preying on him. Ribadu intends to dine with the apex predator .But the Apex Predator, will wine and dine on him. In the end, they will dump his political carcass for the birds of reproach to feed on . His pouch of credibility will be emptied by his political imaturity. He is a political Lilliputian. He ought to stay on the sideline to watch and learn how the ropes are used. He is jumping head on without helmet. It is very dangerous.

Good night Ribadu.

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