Mr Heritage is Bombing the Bombers (2)

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Mr Heritage is Bombing the Bombers (2)
Still on the nefarious activities of the animals in human skin called boko haram, let us look beyond the visible havoc caused by these agents of doom and focused on the BOKO HARAM in each and everyone of us as a remote agent of boko haram.

We have an element of boko haram in more than 95% of our population that might not be glaring to our naked eyes but,which either overtly or covertly has engineered the wanton annihilation of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Boko Haram apostles can be the president/ the political class and the crass of the rest of the citizenry or the League of past presidents,political class and religious mongers both past and present. What do we have in common with boko haram? Hmmm plenty ,my friend,plenty. Yes, I make bold to say that Saul was a boko haram of his time before he became a Christian and change his name to Paul , the Apostle and Umar, one of the Caliphates of Prophet Muhammad use to be the leader of the boko haram of his time (he was the satanic warrior leader of the infidels)before he converted to Islam.

I will not shy away to call Jonathan Goodluck a BOKO HARAM president if he had knowingly supported boko haram either by his denial of the captivity of the Chibok girls or if he had ever participated in any form of kick back,kick front or a kick in the middle that culminated in Ghana-must-go bags for a favor or in-favor of what he has done in his capacity as the representative of his people from his local govt.up to the presidency . Obasanjo was a proven boko-haramite for his killing spree in odi,his juxtapose ita-oko fame,Ali must go and many more criminally minded decision he took against the people of Nigeria including graft and forcing a sick Yar Adua on Nigerians, his latter day criticism can only fool the fools.

Gen Abubakar Abdulsalam can turn to God and donate whatever money he took illegally from Nigerians that has hindered the growth of Nigeria as a whole before it's too late;will it be proper in an atmosphere that derides the culmination of boko haram structure for a man who can not improve electricity when he was in power to now buy almost half of the plants and now distributes the same product that was not generated by him? As for Abacha and IBB, one commercialized killings in a boko-haram-like fashion and the other called himself the evil genius (boko haram of their times) Buhari's boko-haramism( my word) might be compared to that of Saul and Umar in the Bible and Quran who hounded the people they latter turn around to safe;but ,can Buhari matched the dedications and spiritualism of both Caliph Umar and Apostle Paul ? Nigerians would have to determine that in February.
The part that explains the boko haram in each of us will be discussed in part (3) ……

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