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Twitter , Inc .
San Francisco (HQ)CA
Market Square, 1355 Market St #900,
San Francisco, CA. United States
June 12, 2021


Dear Jack

Re: Twitter Ban in Nigeria

The above subject refers.

In my earlier piece, I did state that Buhari was looking for ways out of the mire he jumped into via the Twitter ban. I need to tell you in clear words that he is in deep trouble and looking for anyone to throw a lifeline to him. It is not your business to reach out to a wicked man who voluntarily decided to crawl to the end of a precipice.

The issue is not with you, it is all about how to stop the news of the genocide that is already going on in  Nigeria from leaking to the rest of the world. He has tried to put many laws in place to curtail the use of any social platforms to no avail. Last week, President Biden reacted to the killings of 140 people in Burkina Faso . On the same day , President Roch Marc Christian Kabore  announced three days of national mourning. No one reacts to the killings  in Nigeria  again because It is a routine and  Nigerian has been in National Mourning since Buhari moved into the Villa

It might interest you that millions of Buhari cannot implement the ban that he announced. Dictators all over the words read from the same plot. If you descend low to Buharis’ level and register in Nigeria, you will be surprised that Uganda will come calling and before you know it, every Kim John Un Buhari  will expect you to register  in his country. It is all about precedence. You do not want to set a bad precedence.  For the sake of  budding gentlemen and women who are still in the garages learning HTML, do not register. Call their bluff

Finally,   do not succumb to the lies of  the Liar , Lie Mohammed  . You do not owe Buhari and his handlers any apologies. Let them come to you on your own turf and terms. They decided to walk out on Twitter and they are free to walk back whenever they are ready. And, they will return very soon.

If you register in Nigeria or give them anything to hold on for their return to Twitter , they will ask you for more . Do not believe anything they tell you because this government is dishonest and corrupt to a fault. They will make you violate  US laws on bribery and corruption. You can not fight or negotiate with pigs on their terrain. Just stay away.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


Thank you for reading me.


Abiodun Egunjobi

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