CANAN USA STATEMENTS ON THE STATE OF NIGERIA NATION “For the sake of Nigeria, we shall not keep quiet”

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“For the sake of Nigeria, we shall not keep quiet”
                                                      Isaiah 62:1


CANANUSA.ORG/NY—-February 7, 2018 ——The ship of Nigeria state appears to be rudderless! Things are fast falling apart, and we pray God to hold our center together. (Credit to the Nigerian erudite scholar Chinua Achebe.)

CANAN commensurate with the recent victims of the Herdsmen massacre in several states in Nigeria particularly in Benue and Nasarawa. We pray that God will console the families of those who lost their lives in this dastard acts, and further states as follows:

  1. We observe that there have been mix messages from the presidency pointing to the fact that the Herdsmen marauders are foreigners from the neighboring countries namely Niger republic and Chard. Nigerian citizens are being told that our nation is being overrun in broad day light by foreign militia with our Military looking helpless in utter bewilderment. Our trusted Commander in Chief who was elected with the credential of a gallant fighter seems not to be getting the right advice from the service chiefs. Where do we go from here?


  1. CANAN recalls that most of us Nigerians grew up in highly diverse communities in Nigeria where people of different ethnicity cohabited peacefully. The Fulani that we knew are law abiding amiable people who because of their nature have always been welcomed to graze open lands. Never in the history of our nation have we had a section of our citizens carrying highly sophisticated weapons like AK47 just because they are rearing cattle. We recall that on April 2016, the Nigeria Police Force outlawed carrying of weapons by the herdsmen as reported in Thisday Newspapers published on April 20, 2016. It is therefore appalling that the Federal government has not followed through with the disarming policy thereby giving a section of our citizens monopoly of violence.


  1. CANAN noted with heavy heart that several of Nigerian citizens have been displaced from their ancestral homes when their villages were ransacked, pillaged and many times burned down. The children and women who are too weak to run are being mauled down. Has our nation come to the point where the shedding of the blood of compatriots is meaningless to us? The 2015 election brought us all hope. Mr. President won across ethnic and religious boundaries lifting the hearts of many for the possibility of a new down in Nigeria where all of us can participate in building a nation that we are all proud of. Now this hope seems to be fading away as our nation appears to be at the precipice of an undeclared internecine war.


  1. As we write, there is an ongoing campaign against certain nationalities particularly the Tiv people in Nigeria. It is disheartening that governors who are supposed to be chief law officers of their states are practically powerless. It is on record that the governor of Yobe and Benue have reported at one time or another of a build-up of armed men in their enclaves. To the chagrin of many observers when they made the calls to police commands they were told that the police formations have not received instructions from Abuja to protect them. This is very mind burgling because police commands have a standard rule of engagement and at no time should they need clearance from Abuja to defend law abiding citizens under active attack from invaders.


  1. CANAN applauds the steps taken by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We commend all the senators who have strongly condemned these ugly incidents across party lines. However, it is regrettable that after the passing of the two weeks ultimatum given to the Inspector General of Police to arrest the perpetrators of the killing in Benue, no arrest has been made to date and the number one police officer of the land has not reported back to the senate or the public its preliminary findings on the deadly assault on the law-abiding citizens of Nigeria in many Middle Belt states. A loss of a life or two under questionable circumstance would warrant immediate response and public address by the law officers in civilized world. What should we say to those who call Black nations derogatory names? We can no longer assuage distant observers who see the development in Nigeria as an unfolding well planned, carefully crafted and systematically implemented genocide.


  1. In view of the seriousness of this matter CANAN hereby directs that all our members should observe Tuesday, February 13th, as a day of special prayer for Nigeria. We pray that the forces of evil shall not prevail against Nigeria.


  1. CANAN encourages the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to intensify efforts and ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crimes are held accountable. We also urge that the National assembly should investigate our extant laws and call for their enforcement to forestall a continuation of this heartless crime. We advise that the National Assembly should set clear boundaries to the conduct of personal commercial activities including animal rearing as this has risen to the point of national security concern. Such solution should not include forceful seizure of private or public properties for personal businesses.


  1. We note the deafening silence of the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and hereby ask that Mr. President forcefully and unequivocally address this issue as the Father of the nation. President Buhari must also condemn the Mayeti Allah and associated ethnic charlatans to cease and desist from making incendiary remarks capable of setting the nation ablaze. Such hateful speeches that denigrate fellow countrymen and threaten their rights to life are reprehensible to say the least. Unlawful challenge of the laws made by a duly constituted state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria without impunity is unacceptable in a nation state. It leaves much to be desired who is in charge in Nigeria.


  1. CANAN calls the attention of the government of Nigeria to the Firearms Act, Chapter 146, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990, which prohibits carrying of firearms and prescribed due punishment for offenders. We urge that the Federal government take immediate step to disarm the herdsmen and prosecute the culprit for illegal possession of firearms.


  1. As a matter of urgency and duty to our compatriots most of whom are vulnerable children and women, we ask that all the internally displaced persons (IDPs) from these dastard attacks should be treated with decency in accordance with the relevant United Nations Standard to which Nigeria subscribes. And at any rate as our fellow citizens we hold them this sacred duty. They should be enabled to return to their homes with full protection of our government. It is equally important that they are fully compensated for all their needless losses.


  1. CANAN joins the choruses across our beloved Nigeria to call for true Federalism. We ask that in the 21st century it is barbaric for one group to be trampling over another in the name of phantom historical conquest. Even the British who had rights to such words as colonialists and those who oppressed others in the name of apartheid in South Africa have since reversed their courses. Therefore, we encourage the national dialogue on restructuring and bemoan this government ran on this platform. The party should keep its words.


  1. Finally, we salute the resolve and resilience of the people of Jigawa, Nasarawa, Benue, Taraba and other affected states. We assure them that their cries have been heard in high places and that their fellow citizens will not fail them. CANAN admonish that while they keep their eyes open to defend their homes and properties they should not initiate reprisal attacks that could compound the problem. We urge our fellow citizens across Nigeria NOT to see this as a fight between Muslims and Christians. This is an isolated incident orchestrated by criminal herdsmen. To this end we should all rally support for the victims as injury to one is injury to all.

CANAN is Christian Association of Nigerian Americans, USA, at the forefront of protecting the rights of Nigerians in America and fighting for egalitarian, equitable Nigeria where laws and orders and the rights of the citizens as enshrined in our constitution are respected.

CANAN worked tirelessly with the congress of the United States to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist organization, which led to the world support to defeat Boko Haram. We have also defended the good name of Nigeria through immediate response to any group or individuals that denigrate our motherland. In addition CANAN has supported the victims of Boko Haram with cash assistance and medical outreach.

God bless you all,
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Dr. James Fadel
CANAN President & Chairman, CANAN Board of Trustees

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