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The good people of Ogun state, I seize this medium to make remarks on the current political realities in our nation and in Ogun state particularly at the moment. We all recall that the Presidential and National Assembly elections held last Saturday across the country. While parliamentary results have been announced since Sunday with winners and loosers, the Presidential results was released last night with Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the APC emerging as President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I congratulate all our Senators-elect and House of Representatives-elect in Ogun state for the feat achieved. To those that lost, this moment calls for a test of character because at any election, only two results are possible. They should be courageous and be of good cheer. I particularly reserve my deep admiration and commendation for the leader of our party and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for the outcome of this election. Though INEC has declared Gen. Buhari as the winner of election contrary to what we all wanted and assiduously worked for, he has nevertheless deepened our democracy in a fashion never witnessed in our national history. Mr. President has established a legacy of democratic freedom, electoral transparency and entrenchment of the masses' wish in Nigeria which was unprecedented.

By subjecting himself to a thorough process, accepting to be bound by the outcome and even immediately extending his personal best wishes to his opponent, he has doused the tension in the country and shown the international community that Nigeria has indeed come of age; such that our democracy can no longer be termed as being nascent. I salute this forthrightness, principled-stand and candour. Adding this patriotic feat to his transformation agenda that saw us become the largest economy in Africa, he has indeed put his name on the list of true African statesmen.

For us in Ogun state, the wind of change will yet blow. As the gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), These results clearly presents sterner challenges to conquer but also with it comes the opportunity for success and progress. I firmly believe that Ogun people crave a new leadership come April 11th 2015. Our people have seen through the elaborate sham called governance in Ogun today and are determined to effect a change.

They have heard blatant lies told and saw many promises go unfulfilled. They have seen how their houses and means of livelihood are destroyed via needless demolisions while their top government functionaries at various levels build themselves multi-billion naira mansions and family members acquire choice properties.

They see the dilapidated education structures and failing healthcare system in the state. They see how industries have relocated to other locations. They see how civil servants, teachers and many public workers are unjustly owed several months salaries and unpaid emoluments. They see how our local governments are today rendered comatose with nothing happening there. They see the stagnated economy and debts now in excess of N200billion. These are the realities in Ogun State today which must not be allowed to be continued.

The time has come for true change in Ogun state. Like I always say, change must come with capacity, competence and character. Ogun state cannot afford another four years under this dishonest and rudderless regime. The repositioned Ogun PDP under my leadership will make Ogun a model economy where the weakest among us is able to make a descent living. The PDP will not alienate them as the APC have done. Our administration will make the people the focus of its policies. We shall give them what they want and not what we want; which is currently the case.

To the members of my party, I understand the mood of the times but I encourage us not to be despaired because the opportunities to chase away the Amosun regime are open to us. Ogun people have resolved to make a definite statement with their PVCs and the PDP is their choice in Ogun state. The signs are good and we must all rise up and immediately join hands to make it a reality. We do not have the time for blame games but we must allow our huge objective to guide us at this moment. I sincerely plead with all my colleagues, our leaders and faithfuls across the state to be magnanimous and show patriotism at this moment.

Finally, I call on INEC to clean its act up and put in place proper logistics for the state elections. More eligible voters must be encouraged to get their PVC in affected areas while the card reader embarrassment must be resolved. The stake is higher now and no stone must be left unturned. I believe the time for genuine change has come. I will make "Life More Abundant" for Ogun people and they shall smile again. The time to clean up the mess is now and it must happen in Ogun state. This is the message I have for the people that there must be a credible "Change in Ogun state" and that "Amosun Must Go".

"Change in Ogun state"
— "Amosun Must Go "

God bless Ogun State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

PDP, Gubernatorial candidate, Ogun State

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