Open letter of congratulations to Senator Yayi with a Reminder about Ibo Alajobi

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Dear Senator Yayi,

Open letter of congratulations to Senator Yayi with a Reminder

The above subject refers.

I am writing this shorthand to congratulate you on your well-deserved victory at the polls. I have also tried to reach out to Guinness book of records to fact-check whether any member of the congress anywhere in the world has crossed any state line to win an election and return to the same chamber where he/she served. I will avail you of their response as soon as I hear back from them. No doubt, you hold that trophy in Nigeria. Congratulations , Omo Oluewon.

Back to the essence of this letter. You have done what no one in Nigeria has ever done. You are a pragmatic politician with unlimited potentials. I am personally proud of you because you were my senator in Lagos and now, you are my Senator in Ogun west. I should have special affinity for you.

While we are celebrating you, I must warn you in advance that there is red line that you must not cross. I am sure you are aware that Oke Mosan has been the exclusive residence of the other regions in Ogun state to the detriment of the Yewas and rumors are now rife that you are working hard to ensure we fail this time because you want to run in 2027. Yewas and Aworis cannot afford to wait for your fate, destiny or agenda. It is wickedness to put the collective destiny of a people in cauldron for your own agenda. Now that you are a Senator-elect, we need to let you understand that you should set free all the souls that you have bought with your money and let them thrive. We all understand that you have bought some of the Otegbeyes. Recently, Engineer Akintomide offered his soul to you for sale at mutually agreed price. He ran to you in Ijebu Igbo to offer himself and I bet he must have offered it at a discount since he ran after you and not vice versa. As an economist, I am very certain Akintomide did not get a full price for his soul.
With your stupendous wealth, you have bought some Yewa indigenes to the point that some of them are running away from BOT. Some people in Yewa have misinterpreted soul trading for charity/empowerment. I do not buy that bs

BOT is our best chance in the history of the contest for Oke Mosan. We are working hard to make this happen. The rumors that you are working at variance with this common agenda is troubling and some of us who have not sold our souls to you are ready to take off our gloves in an attempt to wrestle our common destiny from your tight grip. We know it is not going to be easy, but we are ready for the fight. The Egbas and Ijebus are saying it is our time now but you and your handlers are saying we should wait for your time. It is unacceptable.

Let me take you down memory lane that will further help you to lose your grip over our collective resolve as a nation to match forward. I am going to use facts to help you lift your knees from our common neck as a people and tell you why you will never be the Governor of Ogun State if you insist Yewa nation wait for your fate/agenda in 2027.

The three reasons

(1) Credit card Fraudster

In the land of the Yankee, the financial institutions run after the citizens with money called credit cards. They give you the money to enable you  build your future and, in the process, they make money on the interest that they charge you. If you know any man who has abused this process and you think that person can promise you a future, you are in fool’s paradise. Dapo Abiodun can never promise you anything. He is a man that does not believe in due process. He is using you.

(2) Protégé

By all measurements, you are not in the same political class with Dapo Abiodun. You can never be considered a protégé of Dapo Abiodun becauseSolomon Olamilekan Adeola you are way ahead of him by all standard of political, mental, social, financial, and academic measurements. You do not belong to the same class at all. In my research, I have found out that every governor wants to hand over to anyone that they think is a protégé. None of them wants to install anyone that they think will not take orders from them. In view of this, you do not fit the bill. Abiodun knows he cannot control you but he will use you now to get his second term and thereafter turn against you. Mark my words.

(3) Sophistication of the Ogun Voters

In the history of Ogun state, no governor has been able to install his protégé as Governor. Every governor has underestimated the political sophistication of the voters in Ogun state. OGD nearly went bankrupt trying to install GNI to no avail. SIA was so close but yet very far from installing Akinlade. Abiodun will not be an exception. The rule of the game is that when they become lame ducks, hyenas and cheetahs among the political class will descend on them and wrestle the party from them. It is a fact that  you will be one of the cheetahs in 2027 and Abiodun will fight you back with all his wherewithal and in the process both of you will be badly wounded. The hyenas and jackals waiting in the wings, will in turns crawl out to feed on both of you and the spoil.

Finally, in politics, nothing is assured. Four years is a long period of time.

Here is what I will like you to understand. If you use your resources to deny us the right to a tenure at Oke Mosan, I can assure you that in 2027, it will be Yayi vs the people of Ogun West. We will fight you with all that we can muster and crowdfund BOT to run. As a matter of fact, we will start his Gubernatorial campaign on the day Abiodun is sworn in. If you are ready to fight against our collective will, keep doing what you are doing, otherwise, stay away.  You are our Senator now, please do not be seen working against us.

Do not cross the red line. Let the process of Ibo Alajobi play out. Do not interfere with the Ibo Alajobi. This is my 2 cents.

We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us. Oliver Hazard Perry’s report to General William Henry Harrison on September 10th, 1813. At the end of it all next week. I will be sending a letter title ” We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us’.

            Thank you very much for reading me, Sir. Once again, congratulations.

            Honorable, please accept the assurances of the highest esteem.

Abiodun Egunjobi
Former President,
National Association of Egbado students, Ife Chapter.

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