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I love Jagaban ,he spends as he made,he rescued the South West from OBJ'S choke-hold and re-assembled the rag-tagged progressives for final onslaught against the ultra-conservative. He gave us AMOSUN who had tried his best as the governor of Ogun Central. The Egba Governor has done a yeoman's job throughout Abeokuta and the Ogun Central Senatorial district. I love Jagaban , he does not discriminate or sectionalized , if Asiwaju confiscates a parcel of land in VI, he will do same in Agege or Badagry.

He also developed the whole Lagos equitably during his time. Asiwaju will construct a 1kilometer of road for 175 million Naira and Fashola came and bumped it up to 230 million. In Osun, my man Ogbeni Aregbe can be di scribed as 2nd in command to Asiwaju , this dude talk the talk and walk the walk. His people just loved him. His ideas are progressive ,not a wishy-washy as that of the PDP turned ANPP then ACN/APC . Aregbe's budget for 1kilo as at today is below 300 million Naira.
Even Ajimobi , a fellow ANPP turned APC keeps a kilometer constructed in Oyo within 400 million Naira ; WHY and WHAT happens in Ogun State that 1 kilometer of a road constructed by Mr AMOSUN is Between 850 million and 1 billion as per his commissioners ( sai Buhari ,over to u) and why the concentrations of all the projects in OGUN CENTRAL?
An AMOSUN built-bridge cost 1.5 billion Naira, a cost that surprised an Ogun State born Director of Roads in the state of Rhode Island (USA) to yell Blue-Murder to the state economy "no bridge in the state of Rhode Island is worth 1 million dollars" all the biddings by different contractors is handle by my office and require my signature said the Ijebu born Juwon.
The Ogun state government is owing 300 billions to various banks in 4 years ,even when AMOSUN is seeking re-election, if he wins again and he will not need your vote in 2019, SIA will plunge Ogun State into Trillions of Naira debts on his way out.

Do not compare SIA with other Progressive governors like Aregbe and Fashola,the duo were true disciples of Jagaban from the onset, Aregbe is moderate and modest in Osun , Fashola is flashy and elegant in Lagos ,making 25 billion IGR and investing in projects that will self-pay within certain period and his projects were spread across the state, with each LG getting a General Hospital with adequate facilities etc, these are the legacy of a man that can tell us to vote for Ambode and we shall consider his plea and do just that but not a one time extra-conservative turned progressive that is waiting to be elected for the second term to cost and corn the people of Ogun by building bridges over the desert and other white elephant projects at extremely inflated price.

We Need To Shine Our Faces In Ogun , No More Corn-Men at the helms of affairs in Ogun ,we are too Legit to be corned.

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