Grazing Sites: Buhari’s Political Madness, By Bayo Oluwasanmi

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Each day, General Muhammadu Buhari makes a compelling cinematic portrait for the break up of Nigeria. Last week, Buhari approved the recommendation of a committee to review “with dispatch 368 grazing sites, across 25 states in the country.”

On May 11, 2021, in Asaba, Delta State, 17 Southerner governors under the umbrella of Southern Governors’ Forum met and staunchly opposed the establishment of open grazing sites. The governors also kicked against the latest move by Buhari. The governors said the control of land doesn’t belong to Buhari. “The law gives the Certificate of Occupancy to every individual and allows them to have full ownership of the land,” said the governors.

How loud and clear can the message get? Did Buhari forget to follow up on his ear infection last time he was at London infirmary? The British doctors must have done a poor job on his ear infection. I believe Buhari and his medical team should go for a second opinion on his ear infection.

General Buhari’s regime continues to regulate lives of Nigerians from cradle to grave. Buhari’s regime recommends denial of personal freedoms and initiatives. It fosters federal government takeover of all landed properties of southern citizens. Buhari fosters corruption, economic indulgence. He rationalizes violence, excuses financial malfeasance, justifies terrorism, denigrates family values, and rebels against citizens’ liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

He defies our social and cultural traditions. He declares inequality just and fair. He assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. His irrational goals, coercive methods, and historical determination to destroy and confiscate southern peoples’ land is unprecedented. There can be no question as to his discriminatory agenda madness. Only an irrational man would advocate a systematic grab and graft of peoples’ God given natural assets.

Only an irrational leader would trade individual’s liberty to inherit their ancestor’s land for government coercion and rob them of their most prized asset. Only a madman would force a community of free people, suppress and subjugate them and make them victims exploited by villains. We would not concede an inch of our land to the Fulanis. We would defend our land by any means necessary. Buhari displayed naked nepotism and hypocrisy when he approved the sum of N6.25 billion for the immediate establishment of ranching in Katsina State at the exclusion of other states.

Under Buhari, Nigeria has become a country where good is an abomination, evil is worshipped. The Bible was talking about the Buharis of the world when it says “The heart of man is desperately wicked and filled with evil plans.” As long as Buhari is president, Nigeria would remain the worst governed country on the face of the earth.

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