Drug-free Certificates before Nigerians get nods to Marry :Is Buba Marwa on Drug?

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When I wrote a few years ago that Buba Marwa will soon be compensated for his role in the formation and nurturing of Boko Haram, a number of people did not believe me. I specifically revealed the roles he played in Ibadan on that faithful day and how Buhari used him. As predicted the Boko Haram sponsor and facilitator has been compensated. Typical Marwa, he hates to lie low. It is not in his character to sit quietly in the wings. The letter bomb courier is in the news again.

I clearly revealed  that in the second Boko Haramic term, Buba Marwa will be compensated. I received very clear intelligence to that effect and I put it out . True to report, he has been compensated but his access to free drugs must have taken its tolls on him. The man’ access to free drug is affecting his mental capacity and thus, his utterances. A senator of the federal republic of Nigeria can marry a 12 year old without drug test but at a colloquium tagged: “Walk Away from Drugs” organized by Ekiti State Ministry of Justice , Buba Marwa said young Nigerians will soon be required to obtain a drug-free certificate from the agency before getting married. According to him, parents will be asked to list such documents certifying their children’s spouses free from illicit drugs as part of the requirements for approving their children’s marriage. He is so ignorant of the fact that marriage is a contract between two people and not six.

Marwa, his handlers and sponsors look at issues from the prism of a rancher. The moment he finds his way to introduce this draconian law , Nigerians will start paying Marwa to get certified in order to get married. Marwa who is morally corrupt to a fault will swell his bank accounts because kickbacks from registrations and other fees will swell his bank accounts.

In a country where anything goes because the country has an incapacitated president whose only agenda is to Islamize Nigeria  , this may soon find its way into our laws and Marwa will be as powerful as EFCC chairman and the Fulani supremacy will be further strengthened . Let someone tell Marwa that he is in fool’s paradise and his plan to increase the number of unmarried men and women has been exposed. Since his sponsors can not contend with one woman under their roofs, the plan in the offing is to free up as many women as possible for their polygamous lifestyle.

Who needs the approval of government that has lost its bearings in order to get married.



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