Buhari’s Christophobia is exacerbating his Igbophobia  and Yorubaphobia – Abiodun Egunjobi

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The government of a country is the government of its king without question. If the king is a Muslim, his land is Muslim Shehu Usman dan Fodio


A preamble: The truth about Tinubu, Obasanjo, Buhari, and the Alcon Blue Butterfly.

Buhari is like the Alcon blue Butterfly. The Alcon Blue Butterfly is a master deceiver. Buhari would not be here today if he had not adopted the Alcon Blue’s style. There is no way the Boko Haram president would have been able to penetrate the colony of the red ants of Tinubu, Saraki, Obasanjo et al. He deceived all of them, and now we are all paying the price of his deceit and the folly of Tinubu, Obasanjo, Saraki and others.

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General intro of the Blue Alcon:

After its third molt, the caterpillar of the butterfly exits the gentian flower and travels to the ground on a silken thread. Once it lands on the ground, it waits for red ants to pick it up. Before being carried by the ants, it does something very interesting that differentiates it from other butterfly species. The larvae release a chemical that smells like ant larvae to trick the ants into thinking it is of their kind. Consequently, the larvae are adopted and fed by the ants. The caterpillar will live rent free and be fed  for over 22 months in the brood. Few months into this adoption, the  ants will discover they were tricked, but by the time they decipher this, the wall of defense around the caterpillar is insurmountable for the duped ants. Thereafter , the butterfly crawls out and the rest is history .

Here is the correlation. After a third electoral loss, the larva of Buhari fell to the ground and mimicked the democrats of the mold of Tinubu and others by releasing a chemical (I am now a democrat) that smells like ant larvae (democrats) to trick ants (Tinubu, Obasanjo, Atiku and more) into thinking Buhari is their kind. The unwary red ants (Tinubu and others) brought him into the brood and the rest is history. The butterfly has left the brood and today, we have a terrorist beyond the reach of the ants that raised him.

As if the deceit of the Alcon Blue is not enough, this terrorist is now behaving like a Cuckoo (which lays eggs in other birds’ nests). Buhari has laid the eggs of Jihad in Southern Nigeria and the irony is that the Middle belters, Igbos and Yorubas have incubated and keep incubating these eggs.The chicks are flying all over the place. Jihad, (in the form of the one Usman Dan Fodio, organized against Yunfa in 1804), is now brewing.

Buhari and Dilemma of Choice

Nigeria, at its best, was referred to as a mere geographical expression by the two of the best minds in Africa, Achebe and Awolowo. If these men of very high cerebral appraised Nigeria and came to this conclusion during their time, what would they call the Nigeria of today where a murderer and a thief is the Commander-in-Chief?

Nigeria, as it is today, is a nation in a state of coma. She is in this state because of congruent of needs and conflicting choices. Buhari’s need is to follow his great grand-father, Usman Dan Fodio, while the needs of the rest of the nation is that of peaceful co-existence and a life of purpose. Buhari’s need is to kill all Christians, Shiite Muslims, and return the entire country back to stone age. His choice is to Fulanize and Islamize by stealing our future. Our choice is to be a free nation. We are seeking dignity over the inhumane treatment that we are receiving daily. Since we cannot co-exist because of our divergent needs, we  want out now to avoid war . Nothing can preserve this Nigeria. This marriage is irretrievably broken and no one can fix it. I can not in good sense call myself a Nigerian because Nigeria in the true sense does not exist. Nigeria is a lie.  No one can force me to be a citizen of a non-existent nation. Stateless Palestinians are better than Southern Nigerians today.

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Buhari’s Christophobia

Buhari does not just hate Christians, he hates Christians with a passion. His hatred for Christians is not camouflaged or veiled in any way. He has said it many times and one wonders how Tinubu and others could have ever been fooled by this man.

I recently wrote about Abacha’s hit squad, but what we have now is deadlier than that. Abacha’s death squad was faceless, but worked with precision and in coordination with Mustapha. They trail their target and hit with precision. He was not using the military and police in uniforms to kill in the name of ‘the law’. In the case of Buhari, the hit squad are so bold and indiscreet about their missions to maim, kill, steal, and propagate Islam. Look at what they did to Sunday Igboho. They are destroying anything in their path. Sunday Igboho is presumed innocent until found guilty. Why would the DSS destroy his cars and furniture? Buhari’s hit squad are just like him- merciless.

Our source told us that Buhari specifically instructed the hit squad through the four-feet man of Kaduna that they should not hold anything back in their venture to arrest Sunday Igboho. Buhari wanted to celebrate the arrest of both Sunday and Mazi Kanu but the celebration was cut short because his hit squad could not deliver on Sunday Igboho.

Buhari’s mission  to islamize Nigeria has made him lose any sense of reasoning. His Christophobia has led to Igbophobia and Yorubaphobia. We have been informed that he is ready to kill anyone and destroy anything to reach this goal.

Buhari does not see himself as the president of Nigeria. He sees himself as the King of Nigeria and in line with the pronouncement of Shehu Usman dan Fodio, who writes, “the government of a country is the government of its king without question. If the king is a Muslim, his land is Muslim; if he is an unbeliever, his land is a land of unbelievers. In these circumstances, it is obligatory for anyone to leave it for another country”. This is the raison d’être for the current killings that are going on in Nigeria . If Buhari is honest and fair, he should allow us to abide by what his great-grandfather said-‘In this circumstances, it is obligatory for anyone to leave for another country’. We want to leave for Biafra and Oduduwa Republics. Equity delights to do justice and not by halves

Ethnic Cleansing is now going on in Nigeria. Everyone must do whatever they can do to bring this government down and uplift the rights of the people of Nigeria. If this government is not brought down, Buhari will kill all of us with the planned Jihad that is in the offing. It is unlawful to be lawful in a lawless environment. Because he hates peace, we should deny him it.

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With the help of the military, the Government of King Buhari now has crossed over into the final frontier of bigotry and according to Margaret Thatcher, ‘Dictators can be deterred, they can be crushed – but they can never be appeased’

As at today, Nigeria is a contraption and must be set aside. 


Abiodun Egunjobi



Side Note

At AfricanOrbit, we erred in the sense that we should have taken the arrest of Mazi Kanu seriously. We were told that Buhari was working to bring Sunday and Kanu to court. It sounded like a movie thriller to us. In our wildest imagination, we did not believe the report that Mazi Kanu was in government custody and that Sunday will be picked up and both will be in court on the same day. The initial plan was to bring both to court in handcuffs on the same day. We misjudged this on the side of caution.

Also, since Buhari’s hit squad is now actively on the loose, killing and maiming, we would like to let you know that you need to take precautions. The best way for them to know your location is through your phone.

Buhari is a killer and you need to protect yourself from him.

Here are our suggestions:

• Turn off location services on your phone

• Get a high quality VPN

• Place your phone in a Faraday bag when not in use.

• Stop carrying your phone with you all the time or start using disposable phones

• Clean your browser after use

• There are so many VOIP phones out there.


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