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The efforts of the Ogun-West dominated people of Yewa got a lot of boosts 3 years ago when a young, vibrant and energetic Prince of Ilaro was crowned as the king of the widely accepted capital of Yewaland . Oba Kehinde Olugbenle became the darling of all the people of Yewa. Like the Biblical saying goes, all heads bowed for him and all knees bent. It was the most glorious time in Yewa and Ogun West in general . Oba Olugbenle ,by virtue of his domain became the Incontrovertible Paramount Ruler of Yewaland . After the ceremonial party and the familiarization tours of his kingdom, he took the bull by the horn, he wanted to resolve every acrimony between the people of Yewa and even the Yewas in the diaspora. He succeeded in bridging the age long suspicious attitudes of Yewas at home ,then ,came the daunting efforts of coalescing all the scattered Yewas in the Diaspora. 

  His first call was the United Kingdom , a 6.30 hours journey from Nigeria by Air. He was well received. He spoke well and the Yewas in Europe bought what he came to sell hook ,line and sinker. He went back to Nigeria and consulted with the Yewa Council of Obas . He took them on a journey to the United Kingdom to meet most of the sons and daughters of Yewa in an unprecedented celebration. The state governor was impressed (re-election mood) he contributed to the trips of the royal fathers and even donated to the INAUGURAL Yewa Descendant  Union UK Chapter. The trip was a monumental success and the result gear him up to visit the United States of America. The American Yewas were so exited that few elders went to Maryland to visit the number 1 Oba in the whole Yewaland nay Ogun West. Leaders and Elders like Alh Adeniyi Ajisafe, Mr Tunde Soyemi . Mr Olu Adetona , Mrs Omolara Akionde and Mr Micheal Ajuwon (Now a chief ). 

   The Euphoria was sky-rocketing as the Yewas in Texas want a glimpse of the new Oba with a magic wand , he met with lots of them in a welcome miniature program in Houston and the plan to have a Yewa reunion which started in Maryland was finalized in Houston . The core members who met with the Oba in Maryland formed an integral part of the Staring Committee (which i had a different name for then ,smile). Atlanta was agreed upon because of the easy access with Delta Airline and of course ,the pioneer President, Soyemi resides in Atlanta then.

 The celebration in Atlanta became a reality in 2014 as Yewas in every nooks and crannies of the USA including Canada came to Atlanta. About 12 Yewa Obas came to add spice to the celebration and some influential Yewas ,including the Ogun State house of Assembly Speaker , Otunba Ibikunle , Congressman Solomon Adeola , Otunba Adigun, Three Yewa LG Chairmen and police officer Abraham graced the show. 

  Elections of substantive officers of the organization was a contested issue as some participants favored the status-quo but Oba Olugbenle stepped in and saturate the polity by advising that the union should embrace election. Almost all the Staring committee members did not contest the election ,paving ways for an easy victory for anyone one who raised his hands to contest. MEMBERSHIP CONTRIBUTION WAS REMOVED AS A REQUIREMENT TO CONTEST OR VOTE IN ATLANTA COURTESY OF OBA OLUGBENLE'S INTERVENTION . Prince Adewale became the new president after a "soft" victory against Engineer Odebiyi . The results of the the elections was the beginning of the acrimony that will latter consumed the YDUNA organization which started with 5 chapters in Atlanta but ended up with a miserable 2 chapters in Houston mainly because of the highhandedness of the Executive led by Adewale and some of his hawkish advisers who wants to win at all cost.

 The name of the Paramount ruler became so OVERUSED THAT THE ORGANIZATION VIRTUALLY STOPPED BEING YDUNA AND BECAME TOBALASE (AUTHORITATIVE DECREE PROBABLY 'WITHOUT' THE OBAS KNOWLEDGE ) Adewale's poor human relations and the hawkish ideas forced on some of the executive members who favor a TRUE reconciliation with the aggrieved members in Atlanta and clandestine secret meetings after meetings finally brought Adewale to a disrepute even within his own kitchen cabinets. His replacement became a matter of time until it became imminent to him at the last meeting that he has been dancing to the beat of ' A o merin joba , eweku ewele" . 

    Once again , an internal exchange of leadership occurred in Houston ,within an organization that was supposed to be democratically organized but was wantonly ran in a ' jack-booted ' military fashion ; A democratic organization that overnight became a unitary system powered by inordinate ambition of some people angling to become a board of Trustee Chairman . THE SLIPPERY  SLOPE THAT STARTED IN ATLANTA METAMORPHOSED IN HOUSTON TO THE POINT THAT POLITICAL GLADIATOR FAVORED BY SOME PEOPLE BECAME THE CYNOSURE OF ALL EYES WHILE THOSE WHO HAVE NO DEEP POCKET SAT DEJECTEDLY , BLAMING THE PERSON WHO PERSUADED THEM TO ATTEND THE AUGUST FELABORATION (apology to Fela). 


I doubt if the Hawks will want to release their tight grip on power . Like a leech , once it has tasted blood , unless it was dismembered , it will never let go. A ti k'oje bo baba olosha lowo oku baba eni ti o boo abi? but bi ila o ba iti ko , o le di rire ni awon agba so. I will beg those who are interested in forming another Association to tarry a while and let the elders find a lasting solution to the nagging "KO' YEWA PROBLEMS. Ori bibe ko ni oogun ori fifo ,. I know that there can never be a "reconciliation without harmonization", brothers has to be able to talk across the table in other to allow quick and genuine handshake . A Transition Committee headed by a Neutral Elder (maybe a woman or one of the young but untainted fellas ) should be allowed to run the affairs of the organization for 4-6 months and organized election in a neutral city or state;if that is too cumbersome , harmonization of 50-50 by the warring party will not be a bad idea to move the association forward and curb the excesses of the hawkish group before it is too late. KI Yewa Ma Baje Lawa Nso. 

 Temitope Amusan is a non -align member of the Egbe omo Yewa in Rhode Island (only)   

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