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As a Muslim, I have not encountered any powerful force(s) that had pressured me to abandon my Islamic faith even though,I have lived in the Christian dominated western world for almost three decades;no harassment or profiling of importance even when spied upon at the Fulton street (New York) mosque and later at the Houston mosques, I make bold to say that no innocent worshipper was targeted even after the 9/11 bombing. I always wonder if any Christian can be as unperturbed as I am in the act of propagating his/her faith in the Arab Countries,even my brand of faith would have attracted some traditional flogging if not thrown into jail for committing acts against the sharia laws in sharia countries.I told those who love to force their brand of strict religious beliefs on me to Stop Wasting Their Time because,I will never become "their own Muslim as I'm comfortable with my type of Muslim. I've boasted several times in the past that what happens in other countries in Africa can never happen in Nigeria but ,I was very wrong to think that Nigeria can enjoy immunity from terrorists,I was and still very unprepared for a religious unrest escalating to an unmanageable magnitude in my dear country;I have never,in my wildest imagination think that Churches,where the name of God is mentioned and praised could be bombed by these agents of darkness called boko haram ,which had hitherto graduated into Mosque bombing ,mass killing ,clandestine maiming etc.

Are these boko haram lunatics Muslims? Heck No. Let us look into the Five Pillars of Islam and see if any of it is synonymous with the heinous crimes been committed by this insane group.
1. The acceptance of one God (Allah)
2. Praying five times daily
3. Fasting in the month of Ramadan
4. Paying Alms to the poor
5. Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina (if u have the health and the resources )

Now, let us see if the animals called boko haram will kill Allah's creation if they truly accept Him,of course not. When will they have time to pray 5 times daily? while they were busy planning how to kill,kidnapped or bomb Allah's creature . Would the satan in boko haram even allow them to fast during Ramadan when they have minors to kidnap and rapped? How can boko haram tugs pay Alms to those whom they were killing,maiming,bombing,raping and impoverishing ? Which way or route would they find to the holy land of Mecca or Medina, is it by hijacking a plane and flying it straight to Saudi Arabia? These evil reincarnates should not be called radical Muslims nor associated with anything Muslim,they are nothing but animals or radically insane group of locusts that has to be exterminated by any means necessary .
It was said that boko haram disliked western education even when Prophet Muhammad commanded faithful followers to seek more knowledges and findings. The Bible in the 2nd Corinthians 5: 17 says " the old has passed away; behold,the new has come" , it is a new dawn , a new world,it's got to be a new Nigeria,not the Nigeria of any Imam or pastor, not the Nigeria that will dictate to lovely engaged couple that they cannot marry each other because of a religious dichotomy .
Has the "man died" in all the Nigerian Men ? Why should we allow few thousand minute animals to keep on terrorizing a whooping 170 million people if the zeal of Uthman Danfodio is in my brothers in the North and the heroic valor of Old Oyo empire,Kanuri empire,Bornu,Songhai etc still reside in us; are my Igbo Kwenu brethren asleep? Someone should stand up and represent the mystical heroism of the Okonkwo's character unless we all want things to fall apart and allow all Nigerians to go to different tents .

To Be Continued……..

Temi Amusan.

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