Must Rule Charlatan Syndrome

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Must Rule Charlatan Syndrome is a kind of political disease mostly infected to politicians by their politically demented supporters. 



The infected victims are everywhere in the polity of our nation, they are always in support of the ruling government and are easily identified during general elections.

 Their duties are to mobilize myriads of support groups for politicians.  


They are in 5 categories: The recycled Politicians, Out Of Favor Stooges, Appointed Anarchist, Political Hirelings and Myopic Psychopaths.


They adopt different modus operandi through campaign rallies, propaganda, media publicity etc to launder their desperate and bewildered sponsor's image in the public.


As 2015 general elections draw close, we have seen varieties of Must Rule Charlatans.


For a better understanding, I am going to explain the role of the 5 categories of the Must Rule Charlatan Syndrome.


Recycled Politicians: They are mostly made up of the bunch of old politicians that dominated this nation in the first, second and third republics, they are never tired of the polity and will support any government in power to remain relevant, get appointments, contracts etc. 


Out of favor stooges: These are politicians the government of the day didn't favor their interest and the ones that committed political blunders that may ruin them financially or could lead them to jail, in order to avoid such, they  adopt all kinds of propaganda to promote gross incompetence by defending the government's monumental failures. During elections, they intensify their efforts by mobilizing and organizing rallies nationwide for the ruling government.


Appointed Anarchist: They are mostly the media aides, the lawless bull dogs of the government, they use the social media to elevate their histrionic sycophancy by always launching bitter diatribe against the assumed enemies of the government.


Political Hirelings: These are mostly the self-seeking venal youths employed by these desperate politicians to execute their dirty jobs.


Myopic Psychopaths.

These are the narrow minded, ignorant halfwits in our society, they cut across tribes and religion, they have been brain washed to believe the political crisis and insurgency in some parts of the nation is a conspiracy theory arranged to frustrate the government of the day, with such embarrassing myopic gaffes of the government they stoically help the government to scandalize assumed political enemies of the government and through blind arguments defend "untransformed" activities of the government where ever they go.


These 5 categories of Must Rule Charlatans have mortgaged not only their conscience but that of their future and children's future.


Most Nigerians fall in one or two categories explained above. They have been blind folded and can't read anything other than naira figures. Few of them are often the profiteers from a system that enables a few to live off the misery of the larger populace, they see nothing wrong with promising plenty and delivering little kind of politics.


The best way to deal with this "Must Rule Charlatans" and their frivolous antics is to ignore them and vote for a change in the forth coming general elections, I advise you do same.


Joe Onwukeme: An Idealist wrote from Enugu

[email protected]



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